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Driving Lessons Perth

We offer great auto and manual driving lessons in Perth, Joondalup, Canning Vale and all areas between.
With our highly effective teaching methods, patient, friendly, male and female driving instructors, you’re likely to pass your test 1st time!

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Watch the video below to see what to expect

What our customers say…

Steve is a really excellent, efficient and informative teacher. After taking lessons with him i passed straight away. He knew how to overcome my weaknesses and most importantly made me feel confident in my driving. Thanks so much Steve :)
Connie Bromell
An absolute pleasure being taught by Steve. The lessons are structured in an organised productive fashion, benefiting the learner to get the most out of the lessons in a short amount of time. His easy going and patient personality is what makes his lessons enjoyable and comfortable- there is never a dull moment with him.
Karina Durko
I am currently learning to drive with Steve. His style of teaching and easy to follow techniques help me to relax and not worry. I like the way Steve takes the time to explain things and even when I get things wrong Steve stays calm and friendly. I think Steve is especially good for people who may be a bit nervous. Thanks Drive
Lasagne Engelev
After starting out nervous, Steve helped me gain confidence in my driving ability and ultimately pass my driving test. His kind, relaxed nature and often humorous anecdotes made for a enjoyable experience while still getting the point across in his teaching.
Kapil Mistry
Steve helped me get my confidence back and refresh my skills after several years off the road and get my licence back. He is a really good teacher, patient, relaxed and professional. Got me in the right mindset I needed and helped me to pass my test. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an instructor gives Steve a call, great guy and provides an excellent service. Thanks again mate, couldn’t have done it without you :)
Jon Rogers
I just recently passed my PDA and had failed 4 times with a different school. Rory the driving instructor is GREAT teacher. He helped me build my confidence back up and was very patient in his teaching.
Nathara Hassan
With Steve’s lessons, I am now a confident, defensive driver who is able to detect potential hazards on the road and have the knowledge in avoiding an accident from occurring . You can be assured you will get the best results with Steve. I recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much, Steve :)
Karina Durko
Choosing Steve as a driving instructor was an easy pick, as my 2 brothers were pupils several years ago and are both excellent drivers as a result of his lessons. It was a great pleasure learning from Steve and I hope to see his business expand even more greater than it is now. Thank you very much!
Kapil Mistry
My son recently passed his driving test with Drive. The instructor was patient, friendly and knowledgeable. He imparted his considerable wisdom in an easy to understand way and demonstrated an abundance of common sense.
Cath Saun
While my son was learning I sat in the back for a few lessons and it was a valuable learning experience for me too. Drive has taught my son to look out for potential hazards and be a more thoughtful, considerate driver.
Cath Saun
I have two teenage children and have witnessed three different driving schools in action. The Drive driving school is by far the best that I’ve encountered and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Cath Saun
The lessons were very well structured and covered all aspects that we need to know to pass the test. I had a wonderful learning experience and it paid off. Well WORTH what i paid.
Nathara Hassan
The instructor, Rory, is very knowledgeable and had many years of teaching and it is well evident! Thank you Rory for the lessons and thank you for being very positive and supportive!!!
Nathara Hassan
Thanks to Steve, I passed my pda the first time around. If he can get a difficult pupil like me to pass, he will teach you to drive and ace the pda. Look no further for considerate, proficient driving instructors offering effective instruction.
Mike Rotchburns
Calm and patient instructors, especially well suited to those who might be a bit anxious or who have tried and failed more than once.
I would recommend this driving school to everyone! Thanks so much Steve, Tony & Dave!
Sarah Stockton-Rice
Top quality driving school! Very knowledgeable driving instructors, who are very effective at passing on their knowledge. Very friendly and non-threatening, whilst at the same time providing constructive feedback and striving to help me achieve a driving level of a really high standard. They made passing the test easy!
I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the instruction from Drive Perth.
I had lessons with a rival Driving School prior to finding Drive Perth yet was turned off by their lack of understanding and patience with me.
Well… didn’t I get a surprise when I went to meet my instructor for my first lessons. I received expert instruction!
Shane St James - part I
Despite my years of driving experience I was extremely nervous about driving a manual. I was put at ease by my instructor’s easy going and very calm demeanor and as a result, despite still feeling nervous, was able to gain the confidence quite rapidly to be able to pass my test first time around.
Shane St James - part II
Many thanks to Drive Perth – I will be recommending your driving school to all I come across and hope for many happy days of driving a manual car out at the mine site where I work :)
Shane St James - part III
I would like to thank Steve for his outstanding teaching and mentoring. Steve’s teaching methods and lesson plans, both theory and practice, are of high quality. I found Steve after I failed my first PDA with another school and lost all my confidence. I could feel THE DIFFERENCE on the first lesson with him.
Palida Morrisey
Steve, our favourite driving instructor! My fiance & i both did lessons through Drive and it was a thoroughly helpful experience. Initially, i wasn’t going to do manual, i was told by other people that i’d probably have much difficulty picking it up, but Steve has a real good & methodical way of explaining this stuff. Steve was also really patient and encouraging, which was definitely helpful for someone who looks as permanently worried as Sam the eyebrow cat. Totally recommended.
Renee Ow
I had my instructor explain to me with diagrams all of the different elements that were crucial to my success as a manual driver not just to pass my test but also to ingrain responsible driving techniques into my driving for life.
Shane St James
Every lesson I have learnt with Steve was very easy to understand and follow. The instruction was very precise. His great attention to detail sees no room for error. He would not allow a single mistake to happen while I was driving and that has eventually paid off appreciably. He taught me to be a competent and safe driver not only to pass the test but also for the long term.
Palida Morrisey
I was extremely nervous on the test day. Steve was so supportive. He helped me to regain my confidence. Finally, I passed the test with flying colours! I would highly recommend Steve to anyone at any level who is currently looking for an excellent driving instructor.
Pallida Morrisey

Watch the video below to see what to expect on the test

Do you know how to do Roundabouts correctly?

Hover over the boxes below to see how we teach …

Step 1

We assess your driving experience


On the first meeting we assess your driving experience, if any, and choose where to begin.

Step 2

We explain the lesson content


We fully explain all aspects of the lesson to be covered. We do this in a way that is quick and very easy to understand.

Step 3

You practise this new technique


You have a go yourself and practise this new technique.

Step 4

We log your progress and provide feedback

Log progress

We log your progress, give feedback and decide on the next topic to cover.

Our instructors use digital teaching aids in the car to speed up lesson delivery

How we teach

Test centres we cover

Joondalup Test Centre, City West Test Centre, Mirrabooka Test Centre, Willagee Test Centre, Cannington Test Centre, Midland Test Centre and Kelmscott Test Centre. See these locations marked on the map below.