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An Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment is different from a Department of Transport driving test. The assessment focuses on the impact of your disability or medical condition on commencing or returning to driving. We work in conjunction with Occupational Therapists, and assessments are conducted by a registered driver trained Occupational Therapist and one of our Driving Instructors to ensure that you are safe and competent to drive.
When is a Fitness to Drive Occupational Therapy Assessment Necessary?
Assessments may be required to assess
  • Fitness to drive – drivers with medical or age-related changes
  • Novice drivers – to determine readiness to learn to drive
  • Experienced drivers with acquired medical conditions or disabilities to determine the impact on driving performance and the possible need for modified driving controls
  • Work-related drivers – to determine the impact of injury or chronic pain conditions including ergonomic evaluation
  • Commercial vehicle drivers – to determine medical capacity to drive heavy vehicles or workplace plant equipment
What is required prior to a Fitness to Drive OT Assessment
  • A referral from your GP
  • A medical report from your doctor stating your medical condition, the need for an Occupational Therapy driving assessment and a medical clearance to drive.
  • An eyesight report from an optometrist may also be required;
There are two parts to a Fitness to Drive OT Assessment


1. Clinical Assessment:
This involves an interview and functional assessment which may include:

  • Your medical background;
  • Your driving history;
  • Your vision;
  • Your physical abilities;
  • Decision-making and judgement skills relating to driving; and
  • General, practical knowledge of road law

2. Road assessment.
This assessment takes place in either an auto or manual dual-controlled car with one of our friendly driving instructors, this reduces the level of anxiety often connected to a conventional driving test.

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