We have lessons to suit everyone

Whatever your situation we can help you to achieve your WA license.

  • We teach in dual controlled, auto and manual cars.
  • Our lessons are structured and very professional.
  • Tablets are used in the cars to display DRIVE’s teaching aids.
  • All our instructors are friendly, patient and have current working with children cards and police clearances.
  • We are now a registered NDIS provider.
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Whether an absolute beginner or you have some previous driving experience we will assess and teach you from a stage that suits your ability. We will teach you in a structured way, following our lesson plans, until we are happy that you will be able to pass your practical driving assessment.

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Auto to manual

Do you need to convert an auto license to manual? We take many people who have been driving on an Auto license through this course. With good road sense, confidence and control of a car this generally doesn’t take too long as you will only be learning the extra control needed for manual driving.

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Previous test failure

We assess your driving and cover any weaknesses you have. We are certain that we will be able to help you to pass your test on the first attempt with us.

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Overseas license

We assess your driving and correct any mistakes you may have. We advise you on how the assessment will be conducted and how you will be assessed.

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Parking lessons

We don’t over complicate things, you won’t believe how easy parking is when we teach you.

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Learning difficulties and disability

We have instructors specially suited to teaching people with learning difficulties and/or a disability. These instructors are patient and committed to teaching people to drive and to overcome any challenges that may arise on the way. Click here for more information.

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Refresher lessons or new to Perth

If you feel nervous because you haven’t driven for a while or are new to Perth – we can help you by starting you off in quiet areas and gradually increasing the difficulty until you feel comfortable and confident to drive on your own.

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Driving Instructor Training

Have you ever wondered about becoming a Driving Instructor? We offer the very best driving instructor training in Perth, whether you have instructed before and would like to brush-up on your instruction methods or would like to learn from the beginning. Contact us for more information.

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Fitness to drive/ Occupational Therapy driver assessments

We offer specialised driver training and assessments for age, medical or occupational reasons. More information.

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Aged refresher course

A lot of elderly drivers worry when they need to take the aged re-test. The aged re-test is not the same as the standard driving assessment. The Examiner wants to make sure that the driver is safe. We can offer lessons which will help the driver and take some of the stress out of the assessment whilst also brushing up on some driving skills.

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Log book driving

We can help you in gaining supervised hours for your log book and helping you with aspects of your driving where you feel you would like more practice. If you would like we can teach you something from the advanced driving course.

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Corporate driver assessments

Reduce work vehicle accidents

Get your employees driving assessed with us, we will spot weaknesses and quickly bring driving skills up to speed to avoid costly repair bills and insurance claims. Whether having difficulty adjusting to the size of the work vehicle, parking or making more serious mistakes, we can identify these problems and quickly fix them.

Breath test

Re-test due to loss of license

We assess your driving and correct any mistakes you may have. We advise you on how the assessment will be conducted and how you will be assessed.

Nervous or anxious pupils:

Sometimes people are nervous as they have been pushed into a situation beyond their capabilities. Our structured approach will ensure this won’t happen when you learn with us. Your instructor will be extremely patient. The car you learn in will have dual controls fitted and your instructor will be in complete control.