The Department of Transport will not conduct a practical driving test assessment (PDA) in any vehicle fitted with a Takata ‘Alpha’ airbag. There is an urgent recall on all vehicles fitted with Takata ‘Alpha’ Airbags.

There is currently a compulsory recall on all vehicles fitted with defensive Takata airbags. The highest risk airbags are the Takata ‘Alpha’ airbags. Owners of these vehicles have been contacted by the manufacturers to make arrangements for replacement airbags to be fitted. The DoT is following up on any owners who have not yet returned their vehicles for replacement of these airbags.

If a learner attends their PDA in a vehicle which is still fitted with the Takata ‘Alpha’ airbags then the assessor will advise that the PDA will not be conducted in that vehicle. Action needs to be taken for that car to be returned to the manufacturer for urgent replacement of the airbags. The PDA can be taken in a different vehicle which complies with this ruling or in the same vehicle once the airbags have been replaced and evidence of this can be provided.

Other Takata airbags (not the Takata ‘Alpha’ airbags) are also on recall. If your vehicle is shown to be on a waitlist for airbag replacement then the DoT will continue with the PDA in this instance.

Affected vehicles can be checked online:

Further information is available on the ACCC website.

Make sure your car complies with the minimum requirements for your test and reasons why an assessor will not allow you to commence a driving test.