Driving Lessons City West test centreDriving Lessons City West

Our driving school has a very good reputation at West Perth test centre (City West). Some learner drivers are a bit nervous about this centre as they think it will be too busy. We’ve never found this to be a problem. The only down side to this test centre is that it covers quite a large area, including; North Perth; Northbridge; West Perth; West Leederville; Leederville and Wembley. Unlike some test areas we strongly recommend that everyone have at least one lesson in this area before taking their test at City West.

Rely on our good judgement and experience

Learner drivers rely on us not only to teach them how to drive, but also for guidance on when they are ready to take the test and what to watch out for at the different test centres. We have years of experience and can advise you when you are ready and what to be aware of.

How to pass a driving test at City West

Some of the most common reasons for failing at City West licensing centre are:
Not stopping at stop lines (there are lots of stop lines)!
Merging (there are lots of merging points too)
Test vehicle is not roadworthy
Not head-checking

Top tip

If you can’t drive independently (supervising driver not needing to advise or remind you) without making too many mistakes, you are probably not ready for your test. Remember people generally drive worse on their driving assessment due to nerves.

What is the best way to choose a driving instructor?

Try to speak to your driving instructor before booking your first lesson. Or look for some genuine reviews on the driving school. Our Google+ reviews, as featured on this page, are genuine and independent. Take a look at some of our reviews on Google.

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