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Reduce work vehicle accidents

Get your employees driving assessed with us, we will spot weaknesses and quickly bring driving skills up to speed to avoid costly repair bills and insurance claims. Whether having difficulty adjusting to the size of the work vehicle, parking or making more serious mistakes, we can identify these problems and quickly fix them.

Safe Defensive Driving Practices

Safe Defensive Driving Practices offers a realistic approach to increasing the safety of your employees driving.

Accidents are generally caused by a lack of observation, poor attitude, or lack of foresight. We teach defensive driving which focuses on driving in a manner that suits the road and traffic conditions, anticipates potential hazards – dealing with them before they arise. This is a lot more effective than the more traditional approach of correcting a situation which would not have arisen in the first place had you been driving defensively.

We can offer a training package to suit your corporate requirements.

We cover

  • Driver attitude
  • Vehicle checks
  • Moving away from the kerb and parking

Defensive driving/hazard perception

  • hazard responsiveness
  • road positioning
  • safety cushions
  • effective observation
  • avoiding undue hesitancy at intersections
  • the importance of flow, lane positioning
  • general road positioning

 Lane changing and merging

  • The importance of effective observation
  • procedure for lane changing
  • priority when merging and joining the freeway

Dealing with other traffic

  • priorities
  • road markings
  • keeping intersections clear
  • dealing with emergency vehicles
  • courtesy to other drivers
  • dealing with distractions

Freeway Driving

Parallel parking & bay parking

General intersections

  • Priority
  • Reducing bad visibility & blind areas
  • Dual carriageways