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We are a small driving school with a focus on quality driving instruction. We only select the best instructors to work with us; they are professional, patient, friendly and reliable.

We take pride in providing an excellent service to all our clients throughout Perth. Our goal is to help you become a safe and competent driver and get you through your test

successfully, in the minimum number of lessons to save you time and money.

We have developed excellent strategies, techniques and teaching aids that enable our instructors to
concisely deliver all the information you need to become a confident driver.

Call us now on: 0400 205 420

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Owner & Lead Driving Instructor
Manual & Auto Instruction .. More info

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Auto Driving Instructor
North of the river

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Manual Driving Instructor
North & South of the river .. More info

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Auto Driving Instructor
Joondalup and Central Perth

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Auto Driving Instructor
Victoria Park.. More info

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Auto Instructor
North & South of the river


The Department of Transport offer the following advice on how to choose a driving instructor.
When choosing a professional driving instructor or driving school, remember to consider more than just the price of lessons. Ask the following questions to find out whether you will receive quality training:

Questions to ask a Driving Instructor/School DRIVE – Perth’s Driving School responses
1. Will there be a planned training program? We have developed a structured training program that covers every aspect of of learning to drive. Your instructor can design a course based on your ability and decide which modules you need to do from our program. You will then be taught in a methodical way covering each module until you achieve the required level of competence.
2. Will there be structured lessons where the instructor will show you what to do, explain what is required in a way you easily understand and then let you practise at your own pace? We have developed teaching aids (unique to our school and based on Perth roads) which help us to concisely explain and deliver all the information you need to grasp concepts and develop skills. We have videos that you can watch prior to lessons to give you an accellerated understanding of the lesson ahead.
3. Each time you try something, will the instructor let you know how you are going and give you tips for correcting errors? We will constantly give you constructive feedback to suit the desired outcome.
4. If you keep making the same errors, will the instructor give you new ways of correcting it? Rather than the onus be put on the student on how to correct faults, all our instructors have been trained to use various teaching methods to correct your errors.
5. Will the instructor set ‘homework’ and skills for you to practise when you drive with other supervisors? At the end of each lesson, you will be told what you need to do before your next driving lesson. This could be to practise a certain aspect of driving, brush up on some road rules or to watch one of our videos.